Are you someone who prefers craftsmanship over ornamentation?  Then Gustav Stickley furniture is what you need when decorating your home and adding to its aesthetic appeal. But, before we dig into the countless characteristics of Gustav Stickley furniture, let’s see who Gustav Stickley is and his contribution to the furniture world.

An American furniture manufacturer, architect & publisher, Gustav Stickley impressed everyone through his designs & articles. Not only this, he became a dominant supporter of the Arts and Crafts movement that flourished in the US at the turn of twentieth century.

When heavy Victorian tables, chairs, and cabinets adorned with ornate quirks were still in trend, a few leading-edge furniture-makers started manufacturing just the reverse—sleek, paired-down furniture that shifted the whole attention from regular ornamentation to great craftsmanship.

That being said, let’s see why you should buy craftsman furniture & crafts furnishings by Gustav Stickley:

Craftsman Style Furniture

Introduced by Stickley over a century ago, the Craftsman style furniture or mission oak furniture embraced simple & sturdy designs—something that was an unmatched standard of extraordinary construction and beauty. Even today, the brand continues the legacy by making new as well reworked designs in respect of the robust & reliable furniture of Arts and Crafts movement.

Great Craftsmanship

Established in the small suburb Eastwood just east of Syracuse New York, the Gustav Stickley factory had many skilled craftsman creating timeless pieces of art with their loving hands, attention to the minutest details, and a passion for creating matchless designs.  Whether it’s about a Stickley chairStickley tableStickley dining tableStickley sofaStickley desk or Stickley bookcase, almost every piece of Stickley furniture was produced out of the finest American White Oak and on occasion Mahogany and Maple.  They include long-lasting construction features and techniques and were given a hand-finish by an experienced craftsman.

Amazingly Constructed

Needless to say, the construction methods that were employed by Gustav Stickley were both reliable and have lasted for more than a century. Using mortise and tenon, keyed tenon, blind mortise and butterfly joints to name a few.

Beautifully Finished

Gustav Stickley used a fuming process to give his furniture a rich deep color found only in examples of furniture centuries old. A conservative coat of shellac or varnish was applied along with a coat of wax to protect these extraordinary pieces.

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