Gustav Stickley Model #188 Settle

Gustav Stickley model #188 settle aka “The Knock Down”. Rarely have I seen these in as pristine condition as this is. The quarter sawn White Oak frame retains its original finish and crisp edges.

The frame breaks down to five pieces, two horizontal back pieces, one front and the two sides. All the pegs used to hold this together are original and have a tight fit. I believe it was made to knock down because of its size, measures 84″ long x 34″ deep x 35″ tall to top of post and 34″ to top of arm. The back is 1 9/16″ thick while the arms are 1 5/8″ thick. The back rail is 1 11/16″ while the front rail is 1 9/16″.

This is newly upholstered in raw linen over down back cushions and the seat is constructed of down wrapped foam helping the seat retain its form with the comfort of down.

Signed with a red decal used during Gustav Stickley’s early 1902/3 period.

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