“The Regular Kodet” c. 1895


“The Regular Kodet” Kodak, c. 1895, only 500 made. This is in fair condition: the leather hing on the door for the film has failed, the leather on the front has loose pieces with a couple small pieces missing. Shutter and mechanicals work fine.

The following borrowed from edinphoto.org.uk

“The Eastman Co have brought out a new form of camera, the Kodet, similar in many respects to the Kodak, but intended to meet the wants of those who do not feel inclined to purchase one of the more expensive instruments.” 

“The Kodet is specially designed for use with glass plates, but it can be employed with film by the addition of a roll holder, no alteration to the camera being necessary.

It carries three double slides or a roll holder for 48 exposures.  It is made in two sizes, “Folding” and “Regular” taking pictures 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 and 4 x 5 respectively.  Both are very light and can be adjusted for either time or instantaneous exposure, and are fitted with either single or double lenses.”