Small Silver Plate Tray, Craftsman #1 of 2

This is a relatively rare piece, silver plate pieces possibly used at the Craftsman Restaurant in the Craftsman Building in NYC. I say possibly because Stickley also had a Tea Room located in Crouse Stables in Syracuse, NY. and this was found in Syracuse. Read about his NYC building- “In May of 1913, Gustav Stickley opened the Craftsman Building, a twelve-floor store, restaurant, workshop, and office between 38th and 39th streets just off of Fifth Ave in New York City.”

This silver plate small tray is 1 1/8″ tall 8 1/2″ in diameter. It displays the Craftsman mark on the inside edge and signed “The Craftsman International Silver Co.  Silver Soldered  SH 0589  8 in. on bottom. The condition is good with scratches to the inside bottom (see photo) and shows overall use. This is #1 of two that I have.