Salon des Cent Poster

This poster design was created by Andrew Kay Womath (1874-1953) an American artist from Philadelphia, PA. It was used to advertise the “Salon des Cent” or Salon of One Hundred which was formed to promote graphic arts and particularly posters. Womath is among artists of great stature that participated including Alphonse Mucha, Georges de Feure and Toulouse-Lautrec to name a few.

Is the gentleman depicted inspecting the vase to buy? Is he critiquing it? Is it his, is it hers?

This circa 1897 lithograph measures 18 1/2″ tall x 13 3/4″ wide and in a frame that measures 27 1/2″ tall x 22 1/2″ wide. Please excuse the reflections in the glass.