Gustav Stickley Tall Clock

Gustav Stickley Tall Clock standing 71 1/2″ tall and has a branded mark, circa 1912-1915. This has a remarkable original finish and is in very good condition. The clock movement has been thoroughly cleaned and adjusted. Below are 10 questions you may have about this clock.

1. I have the height at 71 1/2 inches.  What is the depth and width?  These dimensions may limit where such a clock would fit well in my house.
The body of the clock is 12 3/4″ deep and the width at the bottom is 19 3/4″ and at the top is 18″. The top of the clock is 14″ deep and 20 3/8″ wide.
2. Is the branded signature only the two S’s on both upper sides or is there another signature?  If so, please post a photo of it.
No, the brand is on the back panel just under the door on the left. 
3. Is the clockworks signed by the clockmaker?
I believe it is signed on the front of the movement. If you google Set Thomas Trapezoidal Clock Movement you will see examples.
4. Has the clockworks been rebushed?
I don’t believe it has. I did have David Lindow look at the movement and clean it. The cables have been replaced and there is a new key.
5. Is the glass in the upper and lower front doors original (wavy glass)?
6. It appears that the chime tube extends down past the front door glass – how long is the tube?
54″ long
7. In the upper rear view, it appears that the door has been spray painted grey.  If so, why? Is the door a replacement?  Is the center section a cloth piece?  Elaborate on what is seen in the upper door rear view.
I believe that is light reflection. The wood and finish is entirely original. The center of the door is a silk blend. This same silk blend is backing the cutout “S’s” of the sides.
8. Does this clock have a base board visible when looking down from an open front door or do you just see the floor?  If you see the floor, is a base board broken or missing or there was just never one there?
The base board is intact and original.
9. About how much does the clock weigh? – I would guess 150 lbs +/-. Can two average -sized men carry it around easily?  This is important relative to my ability to move such a clock around from one spot to another in my home, hopefully by myself with a hand truck with or without minimal help from a friend.
I would guess 100 lbs +/-, It is pretty easy for two people to carry it. A hand truck could work.
10. Is there any evidence of missing, repaired or replaced wood anywhere in the clock case?
No, completely original wood and finish. The case has been waxed.