Cape May By: Albert Groll

Albert Groll
Cape May
sight 7 7/8″ x 8 3/8″

Born in NYC Groll became an admired, western desert landscape and skyscape painter, although he remained a resident of New York City where he associated with the cultural elite.  In 1910, he was elected to the National Academy of Design.  Groll spent most of his student years in Munich, Germany at the Royal Academy studying with Ludwig Loefftz, and London, England and the Royal Academy in Antwerp.  He returned to New York City in 1895.  He painted along the Atlantic Coast in places such as Cape May before going west with Brooklyn Indian ethnologist, Professor Stuart Culin, who was writing a treatise on Indian games.  Groll painted landscapes in Arizona and New Mexico, especially skyscapes with towering cloud formations. In 1905, he first came to Arizona, where he became a friend and guest of Indian dealer Lorenzo Hubbell at his well-known Ganado trading post.