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We have been diligently working on updating our new web site. It may be a bit confusing while I continue to learn about this new format. Some listings bury themselves in the categories while others fine there way front and center. I will figure this out! As I learn I...

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I think I got it!

Our new site has been up for a little over a month and I am getting better at using and updating it. Since our launch on July 10th there has been nearly 50 new items listed. Many of these in the lower price range. I am experimenting with the photos I take and trying...

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New Web Site Launched

If you are reading this there is a good chance you are experiencing our new web site for the first time. While I would like to say it is exactly what I want you to see we are still working the bugs out from our transition from our old site. Of course I will need...

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