Ward Wellington Ward, Sketch #2 of 3


Ward Wellington Ward is a well know upstate New York architect. “Ward was an American architect who worked mostly in Syracuse, New York. He designed more than 250 buildings, of which more than 120 were built and survive. He was influenced by, and contributed to, the Arts and Crafts movement in architecture. Ward’s work is in varying styles, but the houses most typically include crafts-like details such as decorative cutouts in shutters. His designs almost always include garages, gateways, and other small structures like gazebos.” (borrowed from Wikipedia)

From the collection of Wards work that was found in his home in Liverpool, NY in the 1980’s. Discovered by Cleota Reed the author of many articles and at least one book. After appraising this collection Cleota donated the entire collection except for the three drawings I have to the Onondaga Historical Association. For helping with the project I was gifted these drawings. This sketch is done on a piece of tissue paper probably cut off a larger piece of tissue as the edges are not straight and are a bit messy. Measures, sight 4 7/8″ tall x 7 3/8″ wide.