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Harvey Ellis Inspired Sewing Rocker


Gustav Stickley sewing rocker inspired by Harvey Ellis. This definitely came out of the Craftsman Workshops but maybe not through the front door. It is most likely a piece that a craftsman working at the factory put together for themselves. The actual rocker form and dimensions are correct. The issue is with the inlaid back slat. The typical rocker had inlay in all three slats. The center slat had a bit more elaborate design and the two side slats had what is seen on this rocker. The other question is that the inlay design is not centered properly on the slat, it sits to low.

It is produced of quarter cut American White Oak with the inlay produced from pewter, copper and wood. Stands 38″ tall and the seat measures 16 3/4″ wide x 16″ deep. It does not have a shop mark and it has restored over coated finish. New leather on the original seat frame.