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Dalton’s American Decorative Arts

1931 James Street, Syracuse, NY 13206

November 4 through January 2

Exhibition, all works for sale

After getting her degree in art and spending several years as a graphic designer and commercial illustrator, Laura discovered the designs and philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement. Inspired, she learned printmaking, and submitted her vintage-style block prints to the Roycroft Renaissance Jury. Approved, she became a Roycroft Renaissance Artisan, and was soon elevated to Master Artisan status signifying very high quality design and execution.

Twenty years later, she continues to make block prints and paintings inspired by the beauty in nature, the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the sweet, simple things in life.

Laura has won many awards and prestigious commissions for her work, which can be seen at shows, in many galleries and shops nationwide, and at www.laurawilder.com.

Laura Wilder’s woodblock prints will be exhibited among Stickley & other American Arts & Crafts furniture, period lighting, American Art pottery and other decorative arts.  The show opens Saturday, November 4th and runs through January 2nd at Dalton’s American Decorative Arts, 1931 James Street, Syracuse, NY.  The gallery’s number is 315-463-1568; website is www.daltons.com.  Dalton’s is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Dalton’s will be closed on Sundays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

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The 30th National Arts and Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn

Dalton’s will once again be exhibiting at the conference this year held at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. The event dates are February 17 – 19, 2017. This will be our 29th year!

This is a big year, the conference is celebrating its 30th year! The promoter Bruce Johnson will be giving away 4 two person packages for 2018, $10,000 in customer appreciation give-aways from exhibitors, a preview of the new documentary film on Gustav Stickley and more!

There will be seven outstanding seminars, many interactive small group discussions, hands on workshops and practical demonstrations. Most importantly it continues to be the longest running and most popular Arts and Crafts Antiques and contemporary Crafts-firms show in the country!

As I wrote earlier this will be our 29th year! The first year I wasn’t sure if anyone would go all the way to North Carolina to look at and buy material from the Arts and crafts period. Boy was I wrong!

Hope to see you there. Please check our “Location & Hours” page for the times we will be closed while at the show.

The website for more information regarding the conference is www.arts-craftsconference.com

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Gustav Stickley

Gustav Stickley: A Leading Name In The Arts and Crafts Furniture WorldGustav Stickley Decal

Are you someone who prefers craftsmanship over ornamentation?  Then Gustav Stickley furniture is what you need to decorate your home and add to its aesthetic appeal. But, before we finally dig into the countless characteristics of Gustav Stickley furniture, let’s see who Gustav Stickley is and his contribution to the furniture world.

An American furniture manufacturer, architect & publisher, Gustav Stickley impressed everyone through his designs & articles. Not only this, he became a dominant supporter of the Arts and Crafts movement that flourished in the US around the turn of twentieth century.

When heavy Victorian tables, chairs, and cabinets adorned with ornate quirks were still in trend, a few leading-edge furniture-makers started manufacturing just the reverse—sleek, paired-down parts that shifted the whole attention from regular ornamentation to great craftsmanship.

That being said, let’s see why you should buy craftsman furniture & crafts furnishings by Gustav Stickley:

Mission Style Furniture
Introduced by Stickley over a century ago, the mission style furniture or mission oak furniture embraced simple & sturdy designs—something that was an unmatched standard of extraordinary

Rare Gustav Stickley Harvey Ellis Cube Chair

Rare Gustav Stickley Harvey Ellis Cube Chair

construction and beauty. Even today, the brand continues the legacy by making new as well reworked designs in respect of the robust & reliable furniture of Arts and Crafts movement.

Great Craftsmanship
Based out of New York, the Stickley factory sees hundreds of skilled craftsman creating timeless pieces of art with their loving hands, attention to the minutest details, and a passion for creating matchless designs.  Whether it’s about a Stickley chair or Stickley table, Stickley dining table or Stickley sofa, Stickley desk or Stickley bookcase, almost every piece of Stickley furniture is made out of the finest lumber and long-lasting construction features which are given a hand-finish by an experienced craftsman. Needless to say, the brand has advanced the full furniture manufacturing process to the best possible.

Made using the long-lasting lumber, sawdust-generated factory heat, and energy-efficient technology, Gustav Stickley furniture is 100% environment-friendly. Perhaps, the green aspect is so high that it is sure to last for decades let alone years. Hence, your Stickley chairs and tables will never end up in a dumping ground.

Gustav Stickley China Cabinet

Gustav Stickley China Cabinet

Amazingly Constructed
Needless to say, the construction methods employed by Stickley were both reliable & served for centuries. In fact, several techniques are unique to this company. Side & center directed drawers, linked cross rails, and fixed chair joints are a few distinctive features of Stickley furniture. While these features lend aesthetic appeal to furniture, they also ensure long-lastingness.

Beautifully Finished
Lend in the Gustav Stickley factory or visit the Stickley museum, you’ll find one thing common in every piece—and i.e. beauty—something that’s given due importance in every single piece, particularly while finishing it. Intricate techniques enable the natural wood grain to come out beautifully

Gustav Stickley Eight Leg Sideboard

Gustav Stickley Eight Leg Sideboard

through its finish. Fine dyes avoid color from disappearing into subsequent layers. Besides, stains are marked by hand & get down into wood fiber to fuse with organic wood tones.

So, what you waiting for? If you’re looking for Gustav Stickley furniture for sale, you can easily get one through various online and offline stores at affordable prices. Daltons is a trusted source for arts and crafts furnishings and has been in business since 1980, bringing you the quality furniture & decorative arts you desire. For more on Stickley furniture and Stickley furniture prices, you can contact us here. And always feel free to call Daltons at 315-463-1568

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